Cost of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

You are most likely perusing this page as you have chosen to climb Kilimanjaro. Well done! That is extraordinary news. Numerous individuals choose to climb Kilimanjaro unconscious of the money related expenses related with the enterprise. Beneath I have set out the seven principle costs that you can hope to pay for.


Getting to Tanzania can be genuinely expensive relying upon where you are flying from. The vast majority fly into Addis Ababa or Nairobi and afterward get a corresponding flight to Kilimanjaro. Climbers from Europe can fly straightforwardly into Kilimanjaro International from Amserdam. Notwithstanding where you are flying in from I would spending plan $1,200 for flights. Frequently your flights are incorporated inside your visit bundle – see underneath

Visit bundle

Visit bundles go contingent upon the quantity of days you spend climbing the mountain and the course you pick. Bundles run from multi day treks to multi day treks crosswise over 6 distinct courses. I prescribe a multi day trek on the off chance that you are attempting to go spending plan as this has an acclimatization day which expands your odds of achieving the summit. For a multi day trip I would spending plan $1,500 (or with flights $2,700). This normally incorporates exchanges and a night in an inn when your climb.


You will probably require a visa for Tanzania. Financial plan $100


You should demonstrate a Yellow Fever immunization card on landing into Kilimanjaro International. You may wish to buy different immunizations (Hep An and so forth). what’s more, jungle fever tablets. I would spending plan $200


You will require different hardware for your climb incorporating layered apparel with a great external coat, quality climbing boots, a warm resting pack, a duffel sack to convey your rigging, strolling posts and a headlamp. I would spending plan $1000 for hardware.

Tips for aides and watchmen

Tipping of aides and doormen is standard on the mountain. These folks work to a great degree hard for next to no compensation. The tips that they acquire from their climbing visitors are imperative. Standard tipping rate is about $200 per moving for your climbing bolster group


Incidental costs, for example, sustenance at your lodging when the climb do pile on. I would spending plan another $200 for random costs

Add up to cost

So in complete I would spending plan at any rate $4,400 to climb Kilimanjaro.

I trust this data has been helpful and assume that the cost hasn’t put you off climbing Kilimanjaro. The test is a major one however exceptionally fulfilling. Get ready well and you will be fine.

Numerous individuals accept the open door to fund-raise for philanthropy. I propose moving toward noble motivations that you might want to help to see whether they have particular raising money plans for climbing Kilimanjaro.